Boomer Bucks FAQ’s

Boomer Bucks FAQ’s

If I get in after the 9pm deadline, am I still eligible to enter? 

NO, as the time corresponds with the Nebraska Lottery’s deadline for selling Powerball/Mega Millions tickets.  Your automatic timestamp on your Facebook post will show what time you got in, with your entry disqualified as a result.

Is this a real contest?

Yes! There are official legal contest rules available for this, available at, or at our station location, in Midtown Crossing, 3157 Farnam, Suite 7112.

How will you know if someone likes the Boomer Facebook page?

We copy and paste all entries and compare against a list of ALL people who like our Facebook page. We automatically know who does and doesn’t like our page.

What happens with a small Boomer Bucks win?

ANY win is subject to the judgement of management.  As a point of reference, with 300 entries on a $1,000 win, everyone would get $3.  As opposed to making the $3 available for all entrants to pick up at our studios, ALL wins of that type will be automatically put into the next drawing, with ALL monies going to buy new tickets.

What happens with a major Boomer Bucks win?

ALL major wins will result in the LUMP SUM option, which will decrease the winnings. We do not have the capabilities to set up the annuities for all winners.

How will the process work with all eligible entrants receiving their winnings?

First, all qualified winners will be contacted.  After the check is received from the Nebraska Lottery officials, monies, after all financial and legal fees are subtracted,  will be handled via a financial planning specialist, with remaining funds distributed to ALL ELIGIBLE entrants, based on Facebook eligibility and entrant timing in the contest.  EACH winner will be responsible for reporting their winnings to the Internal Revenue Service.

With a lump-sum, estimated payout is based upon the present value of a stream of payments over 30 years.  Then, you have to subtract federal and state income taxes.   The IRS only requires withholding of 25 percent at the time of the payout if the winner gives his or her Social Security Number; the rest of the federal taxes come due with the next estimated tax payment voucher (i.e., April 15th).   The timing of the reception of winnings will NOT be immediate, as all administration of the winnings will be the first item of business.