Jeff DeWeese

Jeff has been interested in being a radio personality almost all of his life. Initially, at the age of eight, he thought it would be neat to have all that time between talking on the radio during songs to be able to work on model airplanes and cars. Of course, he came to find out there wasn’t enough time to mess with model glue and the like. There were records to organize, tapes to locate, transmitter readings to record, phones to answer, copy to rehearse and plenty more busy work. His first real job, after cutting yards, babysitting and delivering newspapers; was in radio. After working with some friends in a underground radio station for a few years (underground because it was in the basement of my friend’s home…and, it was running a little more power than allowed by law), he rode his bike (before h could drive) to the nearest radio station that he could find and applied for a weekend announcer position. As he rode home, he applied at an Arbys. The radio station called him back first, and has been doing radio ever since. It’s been over four decades now and he still find radio fun every day. It’s the music, of course, but it’s also about the service, the companionship and the information that is provided to listeners that draws him like a moth to the flame. Thanks for listening!